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MRI Safety Video










8 Responses to “MRI Safety Video”

  • Kay Taylor:

    We are very excited about the release of the new MRI Safety Video. We teach many OSHA safety training courses at our school and want the very best training films possible.

  • Sheila Lee:

    I’ve tried to find an MRI video on the web and this seems to be the only place that offers MRI Safety training in a video format. I’m ready to see the full version online so that we can evaluated the safety video.

    I did go to your the main company site listed in the header above and reviewed your Fire Safety and Firewatch video. Excellent work. I hope the the MRI Safety video is of the same quality. Can’t wait for more.

  • I noticed on the signup form that you have a lot of new titles coming out in the industrial safety category. I’m not only interested in the MRI safety video but also a wide selection of safety films.

  • GH Lee:

    Our company takes MRI safety very seriously. We train our students about MRI scan technology and the potential hazards of working with MRI machines.

    The MRI Safety video will be a very important tool for our safety training classes.

  • Our company leases MRI scan machines to over 20 hospitals. We are looking forward to viewing you “MRI Safety Video”. This could help us to train our staff as well as the hospital staff that use the MRI Machine. As MRI brain scans become more mainstream for many hospitals, better training tools like your MRI Safety Video will be needed.

  • Thomas Sena:

    I’m glad to see that an MRI film will be available geared towards non-MR personnel. Our custodians and office staff do not receive enough training before they begin working here!!!

  • Having seen the rough-cut (and having had the opportunity to contribute… Thank You Falck Alford), I can say that I think that this is going to be one of the most effective and ‘on point’ MR safety training video for incidental personnel! I can’t wait to see the final version!

  • Jim Williams:

    After watching the preview, we purchased this film for all three of our facilities. It has been praised by our staff as one of the most high quality safety videos they’ve seen.

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